E.B. Dean

Anchorage will always be my hometown, but I consider Long Beach and Rancho Cucamonga to be my old stomping grounds. A piece of my heart will ever belong to Big Bear and I yearn to visit Glasgow. And yet, Lawrenceville is definitively home. It is the place where all the important people are and I sense the Spirit calling me to sink roots deep here.

My whole life is centered around Jesus, my beautiful and intelligent wife and daughters, and the two most annoying cats in existence. We like to read books, to listen to books being read, and to immerse ourselves in visual storytelling. Crafting things - food, furniture, artwork, images, or stories - is how I most reflect the image of my Creator. 

I am called to support a growing church in the community where God has planted me. As an assistant pastor I endeavor to shepherd people well, proclaim the truth of God's Word faithfully, and to pray diligently for those entrusted to my care. This is indeed evidence of God's infinite sense of humor as anyone who knew me in my former life can attest.